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Don’t miss PWOF’s newest raffle truck – a 2015 Hino chassis with a Miller Industries car carrier.

You can see this truck for yourself and purchase raffle tickets at any of the following tow shows:

August 7 – 10
Tow Expo International, San Antonio, Texas

September 19 – 21
Tennessee Tow Show, Chattanooga, Tennessee

September 25 – 28
Midwest Regional Tow Show, Mason, Ohio

October 4
North Carolina Tow Truck and Trade Show, Lumberton, N.C.

October 9 – 11
Western States Tow Show, San Diego, California

November 21 – 23
American Towman Exposition, Baltimore, Maryland

Provided by:             HinoTrucks         and            MillerIndustries

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PWOF Legislation

PWOF was successful in passing legislation this session.

SS/HB 7005 has the Anti Pirate Tower language, this will allow law enforcement agencies to Impound Tow Trucks or other vehicles if found violating the Florida Statues dealing with soliciting motorist on the highway or chasing wrecks. The vehicle can be impounded and the owner will have to pay a $500 fine for the first offence and $1000 for repeat offenders. The vehicle will be towed to the rotation or contract towers yard and processed under s. 713.78 as normal and the tower will not have to pay the fine and can be sold at public sale if the vehicle is not picked up.

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The Professional Wrecker Operators of Florida (PWOF) is centrally located in Orlando, Florida, incorporated in 1977 and has operated since that time as an association of Towing business people seeking to constantly upgrade the conditions and profitability along with the image of the towing industry.

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